Leland Ryken – Pastors in the Classics – Only 99c!!!

March 24, 2017

Excellent book on sale now for Kindle…

Pastors in the Classics: Timeless Lessons on Life and Ministry from World Literature

Leland Ryken


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Discover wisdom for today in the literary classics of the past

Throughout the history of English literature, clergy have figured prominently in novels, plays, morality tales, and even poetry. Pastors in the Classics is a unique exploration of literary masterpieces in which the pastor’s experience is a major part of the story. This collection uncovers the good, the bad, and the ugly ways in which pastors have been presented to the reading public for the past half millennium, and how pastors today can glean wisdom from those who have gone before. Whether you are a pastor or a lover of great literature, you will find insight, humor, and grace within these pages.

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